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Situated in the Pacific Northwest, less than two hours North of Seattle, Washington and under ten minutes by ferry, you will find your seaside rental home on little known Lummi Island (map). Furthest North, yet considerably more accessible than any other San Juan Island, this island gem has remained one of the best kept secrets of the magnificent archipelago.

Each home has its own unique qualities, and all offer either a waterfront setting or spectacular water view. Furnished and maintained to high standards, homes feature such desirable amenities as down bedding, free national long-distance calls, washers and dryers, cable tv, stereos, fireplaces, hot tubs, and gas barbecues.

Guest services are our specialty. Would you like to arrive to a full refrigerator, or enjoy a catered gourmet dinner? Just let us know and we will be happy fulfill any special request you might have, no matter how large or small it may be.

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San Juan Islands - A Lummi Island vacation to remember.

We recently returned from a family vacation to a charming, tranquil and endearing island in the San Juans called Lummi Island. I could never have dreamed nor imagined how nostalgic this San Juan Island trip would prove to be. Our hectic, stressful, "micromanaged" city lives were transformed into a unique, magical San Juan adventure that brought back vivid childhood island memories of simplicity, trust, friendship, connection, bonding, beauty, and last but not definitely not least, comfort and safety...
Do you recall the feeling you had as a child when it was just natural to play and run, to laugh and squeal, when you had no doubts, no fears, no heavy burdens to bear?? It was as if I was "coming home" to a place and a feeling I had yearned for many years.  We arrived at the San Juans islands  -Lummi Island via the reliable "Whatcom Chief" ferry on a beautiful, sunny, summer afternoon in late July.
There is a feeling that is almost indescribable as the Lummi island ferry maneuvers its way across the scenic channel; it's as if you're leaving all your worries and stress behind and immediately feel a sense of tranquility, peace , familiarity, combined with the visual breathtaking natural San Wan island beauty.  We stopped in at the quaint Lummi Island country store, "The Islander," on our way to our rented Lummi Island waterfront vacation home. I had to chuckle as I observed one of the locals run a "tab;" the last time I recall doing this was in grade five at the school concession in my small hometown.  As we turned off the rural Lummi island road to enter the driveway of our "San Juan island home away from home," I was astounded by the incredible panoramic view I witnessed. It was surreal; and it was spectacular!!
As we got some of our belongings out of the car, I realized how easy this whole process had been thus far- no airports, airplanes, security screenings, front desks, lobbys, etc. etc. We just simply walked up to the beautiful front door of our San Juan Islands rental house and let ourselves into a place that was to be our "lummi islan dream home for a week"- elegant, tasteful, and immaculate yet warm, cozy and inviting and included every amenity and special touch one could possibly want or need.... This Cape-Cod style Lummi Island house we had "booked" sight unseen was truly spectacular- spacious open rooms with large windows and incredible san juan island views from every vantage point.  The colors, furnishings, and unique "west-coast" decorative touches blended perfectly with the style and feeling of "our" home.  As I stood in the beautifully landscaped yard and gardens that overlooked the ocean passage below (Hales Passage), and Portage Island beyond, I breathed a long sigh of relief.  A sense of release, renewal, revival, rejuvenation, as well as complete pleasure and contentment, resonated through my body.... Suddenly, my 8-yr. old daughter squealed with joy as she spotted "Bob," the resident lummi island deer who we had been told would surely be paying us a visit. He cautiously and graciously wandered across the lawn looking inquisitively at his "new san juan island family for the week." We'd been advised before we came that we were welcome to feed "Bob" and any other of the animals that sauntered up to visit (feeding bins were provided and neatly stored.) It's amazing how animals bring you right "back to nature" effortlessly. A short hike down the trail of the high-bank waterfront led us to the beach where the lumi island children spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring, skipping rocks, splashing each other, looking for crabs and just basically having the time of their lives doing such "simple things." It truly was delightful watching and interacting with my children as they "played" in an environment where they could just be kids-uninhibited and child-like!! Again, my mind raced back to memories of the many hours I'd spent playing and frolicking on the beach with my family on our summer san wan island vacations.....
Later in the day, we all decided to go for a bike ride (bikes had been delivered and ready for us) around what lummi island locals call the "loop." Cars would actually slow down as they passed, give a smile and a wave; how long it had been since I had witnessed something like this. We already felt a part of the island community and we'd barely just arrived!!  After a delicious outdoor barbeque dinner of fresh local salmon and tasty grilled vegetables (all delivered before we arrived to our fridge I might add), we all decided it was due time to test out the "secluded hot tub with a lummi island view!"
What a sensation as one slips slowly into the soothing san juan water with not a care in the world- stress, what stress??!! The hot soak along with the dramatic scenery as the evening sun was slowly beginning to set was nothing short of San Juan Islands heaven. (Oh, and did I mention the sound system from the house was delivering "music to our ears!").

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