Best enchanting movies you can see in 2021: Color Image, Maa vintha gadha vinuma, Orey bujjiga

2021 has restored the internal peace of every person in the world from pandemic.There are some excellent telugu flicks online that are made to delight you deeply from outdoors and Shade photo, Maa vintha gaadha vinuma and also Orey bujjiga are few of them. Romance have actually been the almost all of our movie market since beginning and these are the best romantic movies online that you can watch.

Color photo is a telugu romantic drama film that has 3 major personalities Deepthi verma, Jayakrishna as well as ramaraju. Deepthi as well as Jayakrishna enter into a connection which will certainly be opposed by Ramaraju (Deepthi’s Uncle) Ramaraju is a law enforcement officer in the town that never ever approves a marital relationship in between a number of shade distinction, in actual feeling, Colorism. Their connection is backed by their college mates however ultimately it results in the death of jayakrishna that makes deepthi, into an emotionless individual. She will be wed to Chandu. After recognizing her back tale, chandu respects as well as deals with her yet still suffers on exactly how to get her to be typical and also emotional. It is an intense love story with such music that will certainly make you sob.

Maa vintha gadha vinuma is a romantic romance with a touch of comedy in its personalities. The tale is about two people Siddhu as well as Vinitha that study in the same university. Vinitha is one of the most lovely girl in college as well as a great deal of people run behind her to propose. Yet she never ever approves any person. As siddhu enjoys her, he finds an appropriate time at a club to speak to her. After a little bit of discussion, they recognize each other and also enter a partnership. In the sense of character, they both differ a lot however like each other. They take place a couple’s date to a far away place for vinitha’s sibling’s wedding event shoot. Vinitha prepares the event to be great but Siddu damages it by offering alcohol to everybody that ruins the day. Their characters vary a lot and also how they attach becomes the story you are yet to see.

Orey bujjiga story focuses on two primary personalities srinivas and also Krishnaveni that escape from town at the same time which makes people believe that they bolted with each other. Srinivas’s family experience financial troubles and it makes their household tougher to get steady as Krishnaveni’s household is effective. Krishnaven’s mommy doesn’t offer a loan to Srinivas family members as they both fight concerning their children’ scenario. Exactly how Srinivas addresses the problems their both families experience is the daring comedy you will certainly see.

Cast as well as Staff Of Colour Picture:
Star: Sushas
Starlet: Chandini Chowdary
Other actors: Sunil, Harsha, Divya, Vidya
Director: Sundeep Raj
Manufacturer: Sai Rajesha Neelam, Benny Muppaneni

Cast and also Crew Of Maa Vintha Gadha Vinuma:
Actor: Siddhu Jonnalagadda
Starlet: Seerat kapoor
Various Other Actors: Tannikella Bharani, Fish Venkat, Shishir Sharma
Supervisor: Aditya Mandala
Producer: Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala

Cast and Team Of Orey Bujjiga:
Star: Raj Tharun
Starlet: Malvika Nair
Other actors: Naresh, Hebah Patel, Ajay Ghosh, Raja Ravindra
Director: Vijay Kumar Konda
Writer: Vijay Kumar Konda
Manufacturer: K.K. Radhamohan

These are the very best romantic motion pictures online that you can view with your liked ones and also you can discover new Telugu movies online only on aha.